Medha Transportation LLC

Vehicle Control

Advanced System for Locomotive Control and Fault Diagnostics

  • more than 4,000 units in operation
  • >20% increase in hauling capacity
  • >15% reduction in loco assembly time
  • 4 years warranty and AMC options

Scope of Supply:

  • Customer Benefits
    • Superior wheel-slip control (upto 45.13% achieved by our customer)
    • Increase in haulage capacity
    • Automatic calibration of wheel diameters
    • Starter protection
    • Battery life enhancement
    • Locked axle, Pinion slip, Wheel slide  identifications and protection
    • Cooling System
    • Auto-engine-start
    • Dynamic Grid protection
    • Reduced electrical components on loco (almost 80+ components eliminated from GP38 or SD40-2 loco
    • Fault Data recording, direct download on office computer or download from the locomotive
  • System Features
  • Traction Motor Protections
  • Fuel Consumption Reduction

Automatic test Modes to check normal working of traction equipment and electrical components

  • Self Load Test (to check engine and alternator performance)
  • Auto Test for Relays and Contactors (to test working of all relays and contactors)
  • Test for Digital Inputs and Outputs (to test all inputs connected to the MEP system)
  • Radiator Cooling Fan Test (to check working of radiator fan)
  • Meters Test (to test load ammeter and speedometer functionality)
  • Excitation Test (to check excitation circuit for main generator and auxiliary generator excitation)

MEP system will retain all safety features existing on the locomotive and also Implements additional safety features such as LWS protection; low lube oil protection; engine over-speed protection; high voltage ground detection and protections; protection against contactor malfunction, including contact tip weld; hot engine protections (power deration or faster cooling); protection against reversing at high speeds;

MEP India1

MEP Indonesia

MEP Malaysia

MEP Malaysia2

MEP Tanzania

MEP Zambia


Countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, India...
Locomotives: EMD (G26MC model), Alstom (AD3400 model), YDM4 mode, GE (Class88 model)...