Medha Transportation LLC

Electronic Governor


Governor Control Unit

Displays : Notch; Engine RPM;  Fuel rack position; Lube oil pressure; Fuel oil pressure; Boost air pressure;

Weight : 12 lbs (approx.)

Actuator Unit

One governor model for all EMD engines
(567, 645 or 710)

Weight : 50 lbs (approx..)
(can easily be handled by one person without needing crane or other lifting equipment)

  • more than 3,500 units in operation
  • ROI of less than 2 years
  • 4 years warranty and AMC options

Scope of Supply:

  • Governor Control Unit
  • Actuator Unit
  • Pressure Sensors Unit
  • Engine Speed Sensors
  • Cables harness
  • Supervision services
  • Training
  • Product manuals
  • Fault data analysis software

Customer Benefits

  • Financial:
    • Locomotive cranking 4-5 seconds
      • saves on battery and starter motor replacement costs
    • No periodic overhaul or maintenance or calibration of governor
      • reduced cost of man, material and locomotive downtime
    • No operating cost
      • no consumables; no first fill or oil top-up; no hazardous risks related to spillage, storage or handling of oil;
    • Efficient fuel combustion
      • cleaner smoke, reduced air pollution, effective fuel consumption
    • Low initial cost
      • MEG costs much less than a hydraulic governor
    • Zero replacement cost for
      • Booster pump
      • Load regulator assembly
      • Gear drive (connecting cam shaft, through idle gear)
  • Operational:
  • Safety Features:

GE 7FDL engines

EMD 567, 645 and 710 engines

Alco 251 series engines




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