Medha Transportation LLC

Medha is an ISO 9001:2015, CMMI Level 4 and IRIS certified, R&D and manufacturing company with over 30 years experience in design, manufacture and supply of wide range of products and systems for Railroad applications.

Medha’s R&D Centre is 500 people strong and has all the infrastructure required for developing sophisticated products and corporate financial commitment to reinvest upto 20% revenue into R&D activities. Medha is guided by well laid down quality norms and procedures for all stages of design and development activities.  Award of quality certifications such as IRIS, ISO 9001, and CMMI Level 4 are testement to Medha’s quality in product development.

In 2007, Medha started a charitable institution by the name of ‘Medha Charitable Trust’ for the upliftment of poor students. It is the goal of the trust to improve the lives of these students by supporting them throughout their education and helping them become self sufficient in the long run. The trust has touched the lives of more than 20,00,000 students in various schools so far since its establishment.

Products and systems includes

  • Advanced Control System for Locomotives (available for all make and models of locomotives - new and retrofit solutions) with remote monitoring and fault data analysis;
  • Electronic Governor for diesel locomotives (available for 7FDL; EMD 710, 645 and 567; Alco 251 series engines);
  • IGBT Traction Converters (to replace GTO converter with IGBT traction system, DC to AC conversion of locomotives, new AC traction locomotives);
  • Dynamic Brake Resistor Grids;
  • Propulsion systems for trainsets (for new trains and retrofit solutions to trainset refurbishment projects);
  • Auxiliary Converters for passenger cars (from 2.2kVA to 500kVA)
  • Axle Counters and Cenelec SIL4 safety standard compliant Signaling system;
  • and many more......